The Design and the WHY behind it. 

Since the Khrosis has been released, we’ve had a lot of great feedback. We spent a lot of months developing the guitar and it’s been fun to see people play and enjoy the guitars. We’ve also had lots of suggestions on what we should have done with the design. While we appreciate these, I wanted to take a minute to address more of the WHY of this guitar.

Everyone enjoys the design part of an instrument. The fact that we did something different has opened us up to some great-and some not so great suggestions for our concept. “You should have done THIS” or “Why did you do this?” are things we have heard from time to time. We’ve realized jumping into the guitar world that is just like any other “gear” world that there is a lot of opinions on design and a lot of traditions that many can’t overcome (Like familiar shapes). All of this is OK. The Khrosis is a compilation of 10 years observing and dabbling in the guitar business. It represents our pickups well and is built with tonal adjustments and in instrument first approach in design elements and construction. We wanted to be different AND practical and I feel we achieved that. We’ll continue to highlight all the elements that go into this guitar in future posts. Thanks again for your support!

-Brian Porter